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The Historian
The Newsletter of the Summit Historical Society
This page contains links to articles from The Historian
Issue Title Author
Spring '15 Discovering the Story of my House Cynthia B. Martin
Summer'13 Twomblys let lasting legacy in Summit Patricia E. Meola
Autumn'12 Community-minded Curiale honored with Award Patricia E. Meola
Spring '12 Georgianna Holmes was ahead of her time Christine Siepert Smith
Spring '12 Moller family planted deep roots in Summit Cynthia B. Martin
Autumn '11 84 years of Summit History - on wheels Sheila Duetsch & John Grasso
Summer '11 "Essentially a place of homes" Patricia E. Meola
Feb '10 The Lasting Legacy of the Brothers Risk Sheila Duetsch &
John Grasso
May '09 Summit Historical Society "Its Origin and the Long Road to a Permanent Home" Robert Hageman
Feb '09 Marguerite Gabielle Courtot "Silent Film Star Born in Summit" Robert Hageman
Feb '09 Patrick J. Kelly "World's Biggest Cop, but an Even Bigger Santa Claus" Robert Hageman
Oct '08 Arthur James Cotterell "A Part of Summit's History" Robert Hageman
May '08 The Summit Free Public Library- A Town Treasure Robert Hageman
Feb '08 The Fish family - A long line of Summit Area Residents Robert Hageman
Oct '07 The Van Cise Building - "The Summit Opera House" Robert Hageman
May '07 The Story of Joe Medwick and Summit Arthur Cotterell
Feb '07 A Summit Role in the American Revolution Arthur Cotterell
Feb '07 The "Deafy" Lee Skating Pond Robert Hageman
Oct '06 G. Morrison Hubbard, Jr. ("Morry") A Noteworthy Contributor to Summit Robert Hageman
Feb '06 John Newman May, Sr., Founding Father of the Rose Industry Lynn Forsell
May '05 Dreams of The Major Leagues End with World War II Arthur Cotterell
Feb '05 Shirley Wight Keeney Robert Hageman
Nov '04 Edwin Scott Votey - Inventor of the Pianola Player Piano Robert Hageman
May '04 War Took Toll on Summit veterans Arthur Cotterell
Mar '04 The Soong Sisters - An Historical Footnote to Noteworthy Family Robert Hageman
Nov '03 Summit's 1919 Basketball Champs and a Champ of a teacher Arthur Cotterell
Sep '03 Madam Bey's - Training Camp for Champion Prizefighters Robert Hageman
Mar '03 Bridget lane, Only Woman to Hold Position of Postmistress in Summit Arthur Cotterell
Dec '02 Summit Playhouse-A Cultural Heritage Robert Hageman
Oct '02 Hamilton Wright Mabie A Firtst Citizen of Summit Robert Hageman
Apr '02 Horse and Buggy to Gold Cadillac (Dr. John Meeker) Arthur Cotterell
Nov '01 Thomas Worthington Whittredge Summit Resident and a Legacy in Hudson River School of Painting Robert Hageman
Sep '01 World War I Ambulance Corp Formed in Summit in 1917 Arthur Cotterell
Apr '01 The Rev. Florence Randolph: Pastor of Wallace Chapel Robert Hageman
Feb '00 Cold War Summit: Nike Missile Site, 1953-1963 Donald E. Bender

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